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End of Summer...Back to School

Bye Summer – Hello Back-to-School

With summer’s end approaching rather quickly, fall and back to school season is upon us. Stores fill with parents holding lists of school supply requests and children are eyeing up the new fashion accessories to style their way back to the classroom. Before the anxious little youngsters set foot on school property, we must remember that our job as parents is to educate our children; this task does not solely rest upon the teachers of the world. Use the last days of summer(or everyday) to test your child’s skills according to their age level. Simple exercises can ignite the young minds. Here are some examples: 1 - Recite the ABC’s while brushing their hair. 2 - Every morning, ask the day of the week, the month and the year. 3 - Introduce State and State Capitols, while driving. 4 - In conversation, stop and ask your child to spell a word that was spoken. 5 – Use shopping to study math, money and/or financial terms. Simple exercises like this disguise learning and incorporate it within your daily activities. This will also prepare your child to return to school, ready to listen and learn. Encourage your child to do their best and truly give this year their ALL. Happy 2018 /2019 School Year!!

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Aristotle

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