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Our Curriculum

Unlocking Curiosity

Our curriculum starts with our youngest children. 


In the Infant and Toddler classes we follow the IL Early Learning Guidelines, which include Self Regulation and 4 Developmental Domains; Social / Emotional, Physical Development and Health, Language Development, Communication & Literacy, and Cognitive Development.  By using weekly themes we incorporate these developmental domains into our daily care and routines.  


The Preschool (2-3 year olds) and the Pre-Kindergarten(4-5) follow the IL Early Learning & Development Standards.  These 2 classes closely resemble a Pre- Kindergarten class in the public school districts.  There are 7 Developmental Domains; Language Arts, Math, Science, Physical Development & Health, The Arts, Social/Emotional Development and English Language Learner/ Home Language Development.  Our weekly themes are incorporated into these learning standards and children will meet standards through out their day in different ways.  These classrooms have different "centers" the children explore, play and learn in.  

Children are allowed to learn through play and exploration, while being guided and nurtured by our teachers.  

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