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Pre-Kindergarten program

4-6 Year Olds

 Pre-K classes prepare children for the structure and schedule that they will be subjected to in Kindergarten. This is of tremendous benefit to the student as they start the year with an advantage over those children who did not attend a Pre-K program.  Our Pre-K curriculum and daily schedule is based on kindergarten level learning activities.  

The Pre-Kindergarten Program includes activities centering on communication, writing,  science, math, social studies, music, art, large and small motor development, and dramatic play opportunities that reinforce learning of practical life experiences.  Our teachers follow the IL Early Learning and Development Standards. 

The classroom resembles a Pre-K and Kindergarten class found in the Public school systems and the children move thru centers during the day.  Each "center" and activity aligns with a State of Illinois Early Learning and Development Standard to prepare the children for entry into Kindergarten.

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